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Nootka Rose Seed Garlic

Nootka Rose Seed Garlic

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Nootka Rose:

  • Seed bulbs measure no less than 2"

  • Softneck, Silverskin. Long storing.

  • Bold garlicky flavor. Is medium-hot but not over the top in bite.

  • Approximately 16-18 cloves per bulb. Rose streaked skins underneath outer white wrappers.

  • Originates from The San Juan Islands of Puget Sound, Washington. This garlic variety is very adapted and tolerates warmer climates well.

  • This is an exceptional seed garlic to choose for braiding. The bulbs are beautifully shaped and a top pick for us personally in that aesthetic!

  • Important to note: We do not sell this garlic braided. Our bulbs are sold trimmed.

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