Sky Lakes Farm Beef

Sky Lakes Farm raises and manages a small herd of Angus and Wagyu crossed beef cattle. Our cattle are grass fed & grass finished to maturity and live their entire lives on pasture with plenty of room to graze, play and rest. We supplement our herd's grazing with hay as needed. Our herd is offered free-choice vitamins & minerals and are given bi-annual vaccinations against disease. 
We believe in the well-being of our cattle in raising them this way which in return is a health benefit to the land and also to those of us that consume them. We adore all our animals big and small - their well being, health and safety is always top priority.  



Blackstone Market & Deli: 129 S. 1st Ave, Chiloquin, Oregon

Crater Lake Resort and Store: 50711 Hwy. 62, Fort Klamath, Oregon (Peak Season)