Our Varieties

Our Current Varieties

    Spanish Roja

    • Hardneck, Rocambole. Keeps for 3-6 months.
    • Supreme and classic flavor. Raw: Strong, hot and spicy with a little sweetness coming through. This is a garlic that is highly prized for its 'true garlic' characteristics.
    • Large, easy peel cloves. Bulb wrappers vary from cream colored to lightly striped.
    • Originally brought to the Pacific Northwest in the late 1800's. This garlic offers a better yield in cooler climates.
    • Produces edible scapes.

    Romanian Red

    • Hardneck, Porcelain. Long storing.
    • Robust, super hot and hardy. Lasting flavor. High allicin content. White wrapper and purple skins.
    • Large, easy peel cloves. Approximately 4-5 cloves per bulb. 
    • Originates from Romania. Very tolerant to hard growing conditions. Keep your weeds under control with this variety!
    • Produces edible scapes.

    Nootka Rose:

    • Softneck, Silverskin. Long storing.
    • Bold garlicky flavor. Is medium-hot but not over the top in bite.
    • Approximately 16-18 cloves per bulb. Rose streaked skins underneath outer white wrappers.
    • Originates from The San Juan Islands of Puget Sound, Washington. This garlic variety is very adapted and will tolerate warmer climates well.
    • This is an exceptional seed garlic to choose for braiding. The bulbs are beautifully shaped and a top pick for us personally in that aesthetic!
    • Important to note: We do not sell this garlic braided. Our bulbs are sold trimmed.

    Chesnok Red:

    • Hardneck, Purple Stripe. Keeps for 4-6 months.
    • Fine, sweet flavor. Considered one of the best garlic varieties for baking and roasting, it retains its flavor well and boasts a creamy texture.
    • Long, easy peeling cloves. Approximately 8-12 cloves per bulb. This is a garlic that is eye catching with its beautiful color!
    • Also known as ‘Shvelisi' ’, this variety originates from the village of Shvelisi', Republic of Georgia. An easy grower, but this garlic offers a better yield in colder climates. 
    • Produces edible scapes.


    Thank you for considering our garlic! We look forward to expanding our garlic varieties as we take the time to learn, nurture and enjoy the different qualities of each that we grow on our farm. We would truly love your input on varieties you would like us to introduce here. Send us an email- we want to hear from you!

     Garlic crop at Sky Lakes Farm with Mt. McLoughlin to the West.